Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Workplace Picture

Check 'em out, ladies. Those cool earrings read "Crime Scene - Do Not Enter". Pattie Tierney created them, and they're not the only mystery jewelry she's designed. There's lots more to "oh!" and "ah!" over on Pattie's fantastic website, www.ptierneydesigns.etsy.com.

But before you go running off to buy jewelry with your stimulus check (not the one Washington gave to those scuzzy CEOs who put us in this mess in the first place; no, I mean that little one we've all been promised and hopefully will see one of these days) read what Pattie had to say about her workspace.

"Neat does not work for me. I'm a jewelry designer and if everything is put away, it takes too long to drag it all out to see what goes with what. Chaos is my middle name, and my studio looks like the aftermath of Katrina. But I work well like this, seeing all sorts of designs and patterns in the mess that surrounds me. Personally, I find it inspiring, but I think it drives my family crazy."

If she's creating fun jewelry like the earrings shown above, what do we care if it drives her family crazy? That's what families are for, right?

More workspace pictures coming to this blog! Come visit me tomorrow to see Sarah Bewley's lovely photos! And if you have a free minute, stop by www.myspace.com/marywelk to view the new slide show I've put there. Being technology challenged, it took me forever to do. But it's not bad, if I do say so myself. If you scroll down to the word SLIDE SHOW under my bio, you'll find explanations for the pictures. And yeah, it would have been nice to have the explanations right under the pictures, but like I said, I'm technology challenged. That HTML stuff is awful!!!! :)


  1. What a great idea for jewelry!!


  2. Pattie, Are you planning on selling at Bouchercon this year since it's right here in the midwest?

  3. A friend gave me one of Pattie's charm bracelets a couple of years ago and I love it. And I love chatting with Pattie about Kindles. Great post, Mary.

  4. I'm hoping Pattie will come to Love Is Murder here in Chicago in 2010 and let our guests go wild over her wonderful jewelry. Makes me want to get my ears pierced!

    Yeah, I'm a scaredy cat -- never had them pierced. I'll just have to buy one of her pins. :)