Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sarah Bewley's Workspace

Sarah Bewley sent me these lovely photos of her workspace, before and after a cleaning. Here's what Sarah had to say about them.

"My office is often a disaster, but periodically I unbury the floor and it becomes a relatively welcoming workspace. Basically, it gets piled up because I'm very busy, and I always have a lot of books I want to read, a lot of reference books for things I'm writing, and I live in a tiny 700 square foot cottage, so there's nowhere to put anything that I'm working with - other than my tiny office."

"But I'm the best at going in with a garbage bag for the papers and boxes, and a box for the books (that I donate to a small town library up the road with very little money to spend), and making sure the floor is under it all somewhere."

A 700 square foot cottage?? Sarah, considering all you've accomplished as a writer, you are definitely today's "Workspace Hero". And friends, if you don't know what I'm talking about here, please visit Sarah's website at http://www.sarahbewley.com/ and check out the awards this gal has won. Sarah is a playwright and screen writer whose work has been produced in theaters across America and in Australia. Her freelance articles have appeared in numerous magazines, and she's taught classes in playwriting and screenwriting. Whew! This is one really busy woman!

Tomorrow being April 1st, I'll be taking a break from these workplace profiles to discuss April Fool's Day stunts, some new, some very old, some funny, some not so funny. I hope you'll drop by and add a comment or two on your favorite April Fool's jokes. I'll be back on April 2nd with more workplace stories from readers of this blog.

See you tomorrow!

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