Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Asked For It!

Diana posted a request on this blog for another picture of my newest grandson, Christian Frederic. Well, here he is in all his splendor. :) Christian turned one month old on the 19th of March. My daughter-in-law Cheryl, Christian's mom, took this picture of him next to his favorite stuffed lion. Cheryl's going to take a new picture of him with the lion every month to show how fast he's growing. He's gained two pounds since birth, and he was a big fellow to start with. He's the spitting image of my son John, who is the spitting image of my husband Fred. Strong genes on that side of the family!


  1. Oh, he is sooo precious! Sweet Christian Frederic. And looks like he has a good, kind lion watching out for him. (Wendel Wordsworth would approve!) Look forward to watching this little cutie grow...

    Thanks, Mary!


  2. Mary,
    Congratulations! Christian Frederic (I love the name) is so alert and wide-eyed, ready for the world.

  3. He is adorable! And, I'm not just saying that...he really is!!!


  4. What a darling! I love new babies--have a new great granddaughter. I've only seen her once, need to make another trip to visit.