Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poetry from a Cluttered Desk

Sherry, a fellow member of the CozyArmchair group over at Yahoo, sent me the following comment re my blog "Neat or Cluttered?".

"I have a cluttered mind, and that clutter falls over onto my desktop. I have to keep my mind free for thinking, so I unclutter it as much as possible with notes and lists and coffee cups and notepads and pens and pencil all around my desk...leaving room in my brain for more THINKING. A cluttered mind is a terrible thing to lose. I can't write my poetry if my brain is a mess, so I allow that clutter to overflow onto my workspace. It is a choice, not an accident."

When I heard that Sherry writes poetry, I asked her to share one of her poems with readers of this blog. Here it is.

We are the dreamers, the weavers and spinners,
Singers in a minor key.
The smoke and the mirrors
Hide in our minds
We twist them and bend what you see.

We give you nightmares and daydreams,
Giggles and fears,
Braided and woven together
Into a crazy old quilt to hide your head under
While we shape the wind and the weather.

And the moon trills its tale
While Arachne spins
Threads invisible and free;
Gossamer strands entwine you and bind you
We control what you think and can see.

We are the dreamers, the weavers and spinners,
And our siren cry beckons
Through the mists of a scheme,
Enrapturing, capturing,
Bewitching, beguiling
Luring you into a dream.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Happy dreams, everyone! And thank you so much, Sherry.


  1. I can only hope not too many readers have a better grasp of mythology than I. I'm embarrassed that I used Ariadne when I meant Arachne. Thank you, Mary, I am so honored to have my poem published to your blog!

  2. That was my mistake, not yours, Sherry. I copied your poem incorrectly. I am so sorry!! It's fixed now.