Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Things Babies Think!

Did you ever wonder what babies think of when interacting with adults? My husband and I have been babysitting our 3-month-old grandson two days a week since mid-May. Over the past few weeks we've tried to imagine Christian's thoughts as we coo and burble and make funny faces at him. We're simply trying to amuse the little guy, but is that how he sees it? Does he find us to be funny, or simply crazy? When I look at the pictures below, here's what I imagine he's thinking.

"Safe and sound in Dad's arms. Not a bad way to sleep."

"Okay. My feet are on the floor.
What do I do next?"

"Don't worry. Your mom will come back for you.
Mine always does."

"You want me to do what?"

"This is how you should hold your bat, Dad!"

"And I'm supposed to do what with this?"

"Oh, yeah. Keep scratching that spot, Mom!"

"Got my flag, got my pillow.
Bring on the Olympics!"

"A warm bottle, a long nap, and a
good poop in the pants. Can't get much
better than this."

"You protect yourself
with your left hand and
jab with your right!"

"So if pi equals 3.14, then the circumference
of the lion's head must be..."

"Hey! Don't blame me. The leopard thing was her idea!"


  1. Beautiul Grandbaby! My grandson will be 13 tomorrow. I still think of him as a baby in arms like yours.

    Lynette Hall Hampton

  2. These were great, Mary! Apt--and adorable! Congratulations on being a grandma...

  3. What a fun article! Yes, indeed what do they think? (I often wonder what animals dream too).

  4. That last photo:

    "For my next trick, I'll blend completely into the background and leave only my smile."



  5. Lyn, grandkids are huggable no matter what age they are!

    Doranna, I love the caption! You're definitely in the running for the book!

    Thanks to all you other great folks for the comments. There's nothing like a baby to renew the joy in your life. :)

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