Friday, July 24, 2009


It's "Fun Friday" again, and that means it's time for some MYSTERY TRIVIA! Let's see if you can answer these questions.

Who said, "Advice after mistake is like medicine after dead man's funeral."

What was the name of Perry Mason's secretary, and who played her part in the TV series?

Name at least three actresses who portrayed Mis Marple in the moveie or on TV.

Who writes the Maggody series?

What are the names of Arly Hanks' mother and her mother's best friend?

How many children did Charlie Chan have?

What's the address of Perry Mason's office?

Where did Nancy Drew live?

Sherlock Holmes first appeared in what story?

What is the name of Charlie Chan's #1 son?

What does "Ruby" stand for in Ruby Bee Hanks' name?

What is Dahlia Buchanon's favorite food?

Who wrote the Myron Bolitar series?

Who are the Anthony awards named for?

What was the name of Nancy Drew's boyfriend?

Whose series' titles bear the names of English pubs?

Who writes the Caroline Rhodes mysteries? (Careful! This is a tricky one!)

Hope you have fun with these questions. Stop by next week for the answers and some interesting info on upcoming events.


  1. I can hardly answer any of them. I know that you're the author of the Caroline Rhodes series. The Anthony awards are named for Anthony Boucher. Perry Mason's secretary was Della Street, and she was played by Barbara something and her husband was Bill something. I actually met her, even if I can't remember her last name, in the parking lot of a radio station where she had just been on a program. I got her address.

    Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith

  2. Well, you got 2 and 1/2 answers right, Marilyn. That's the best so far! :)

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