Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's "I HAVE A QUESTION" week!

Yessiree! It's "I HAVE A QUESTION" week! And my question this week is...ARE THESE PEOPLE NUTS, OR WHAT??


STRANGE EVENT #1: According to a news report on AOL, a bride and groom in Suvereto, Tuscany, hired a plane so the bride could fly over the guests at the wedding reception and throw her bouquet to the females gathered below. Instead of falling to the ground, the bouquet was sucked into the plane's engine. The engine then caught fire, causing the plane to crash into a hostel. The pilot and wedding guests walked away unscathed, but the bride suffered several broken bones plus a head injury and had to be flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

I see the story unfolding this way:

"The winds blew gently through the streets of Suvereto, making it the kind of day Anthony had prayed for ever since choosing that date for his marriage to Anna Marie. His bride's rich father had not been happy with the match, calling Anthony a scoundrel who was only marrying Anna Marie for her money. But the poor girl was besotted by Anthony's smile, his good looks and charming manners, and especially by the way he kissed her. He doubled the passion of those kisses now as he led her to the plane that would carry her high above the wedding guests. The plan was for Anna Marie to fly over the reception area and toss her bouquet to the women below. Little did she know when Anthony first suggested the idea that her husband-to-be was plotting a little 'accident' for his new bride. All he needed was for the the wind to cooperate. He smiled when he felt the breeze stiffen as the pilot banked into a curve above him. He saw Anna's hand in the open window, the bouquet fluttering madly in the draft from the plane's wings, and he knew his idea would work."

Yep, I could build a story around the stupidity of these people. But how about this next STRANGE EVENT.

According to the Seattle Times newspaper, Air New Zealand has come up with a new in-flight safety video that features a male attendant and a female attendent wearing nothing but body paint while explaining passenger safety instructions. "Strategic camera angles make the video family friendly," says the newspaper.

"We wanted to find a way to deliver these important pre-flight messages to our domestic travelers in a way that was genuine, engaging and fun," Air New Zealand marketing manager Steve Bayliss told the Seattle Times.

Well, I'm not sure what the Air New Zealand execs were thinking when they came up with that one, but I can tell you this: no way am I going to try to whip up a story around THAT strange event! Would love to hear your comments, though. Anyone planning to book a flight to New Zealand??

I'll be back later this week with more STRANGE EVENTS!


  1. Hi Mary,
    Loved these, and especially the way you jumped right into story-mode in the first example.
    While the second was equally amusing I don't think I'd tackle it as a story either.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Write that story, girl!

  3. It's fun to imagine how you'd turn a news report into a short story. Glad you liked my efforts with the first strange event, JR.

    Marlis, if I wrote a story based on the second news report, I'd have to make it X-rated because I'd be tempted to have the body paint melt or peel off during the filming of the video.:)