Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yes, I found a few more strange events reported in the news this week. If you think you have problems with rabbits, deer, and skunks, how about this post from Germany? reported that German police received a late-night call saying there was a dead animal blocking local traffic. When they answered the summons, the police found a live but very drunken badger staggering down the middle of the road. Apparently the poor thing had been eating overripe cherries from a nearby tree and became intoxicated by them. Experienced in dealing with drunks, the officers kindly guided the badger off the road and into a meadow where he could sleep it off.

Ah, yes. Sweet cherry wine will get you every time.

"Uh, sorry, Occifer. I dinnit know the fruit wasss loaded."

Staying with today's animal theme, how about this one?

According to Weird Asia News, a man in Japan is accused of stealing lawn ornaments to keep him company. Police were called when a homeowner saw Osamu Kimura making off with a ceramic frog from his front yard. The officers caught up with Kimura as he was stealing a 2-foot tall ceramic raccoon from another yard. They later found over 30 ceramic frogs, dogs and raccoons inside Kimura's apartment. Now under arrest, Kimura said he stole the lawn ornaments so he'd have someone to talk to.

Now that story is kind of sad. Obviously you have to be really lonely -- and somewhat emotionally disturbed -- to sink to stealing lawn ornaments.

But aren't there a few of us who'd like to do the same thing Kimura did, but for other reasons? I know I would, and I imagine some of my furry friends would feel the same way.

"Don't do it, Fred! If they catch you..."

"If they catch me, they'll give me a medal, not send me to prison."

"But they're our neighbors! You can't do that to a neighbor!"

"You wanna bet I can't? Just watch me."

"Please, Fred! Put the gun down!"

"No! There's too damn many of them. They gotta go!"


"Ha, ha, ha! Five more lawn ornaments bite the dust!"

Nice job, Squirrely!:)


  1. That squirrel is really funny!
    We had a berry bush near our window at the cottage and the poor birds would get drunk and hit our windows. We cut it down.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. You did those birds a favor, Morgan. Poor things were probably getting concussions from always hitting your windows! :)

  3. My grandson is a police officer in Aspen, works the night shift, nearly every night he and his fellow officers have to chase bears out of peoples' houses, the bears have learned to unlatch doors and open refrigerators and they eat everything in sight. After they chase them out, they shoot then in the behind with bean bags.

  4. Now that's a REALLY strange story, Marilyn! I'll bet those bean bags make them run! :)