Monday, August 31, 2009

Echelon Press Shorts

Echelon Press Shorts officially opens on September 1, 2009. So what can readers look forward to?

This month, they have new releases scheduled for the first AND the fifteenth. There is a wonderful list of authors whose stories they are excited about and who they know you will enjoy reading.

There are also authors waiting to meet you! Readers will enjoy new blog posts Monday through Friday by the most current authors. Read about their latest ventures, their characters, and get to know them. Both Echelon Press Shorts and the authors would love reader feedback, so feel free to leave comments.

During launch week, there will be new releases and posts from the authors of those stories. Readers will hear from Regan Black, Mark Vun Kannon, Michelle Sonnier, and yours truly, Mary Welk. To celebrate the launch of Echelon Shorts, they are giving away *free* ebook downloads. Want to know how? Visit Echelon Shorts on September 1 at

Great short stories available for a variety of readers -- that's what Echelon Shorts is all about.

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