Thursday, August 6, 2009

We Have a Winner!

As you can see, this poor fella worked his fingers to the bone while Googling the questions from my two FUN FRIDAY blogs. Hopefully the rest of you had an easier time finding the answers.:) Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Several of you came close to winning, but no one got all the answers right. In the end, Helen Kiker sent in the highest number of "officially correct" answers. Congratulations, Helen! As first prize winner, you'll be receiving a copy of Cynthia Polansky's fine novel, REMOTE CONTROL.

And now, here are the official answers to my mystery trivia quiz.

1. Who is Hercule Poirot's sidekick? (Captain Hastings)

2. Who wrote the Perry Mason series? (Erle Stanley Gardner)

3. In what town did Miss Marple live? (St. Mary Mead)

4. What facial feature is Jim Qwilleran famous for in the "Cat Who" series? (His salt-and-pepper mustache)

5. What was Charlie Chan's highest rank in the Honolulu Police Department? (Inspector)

6. What awards are given out at the Malice Domestic mystery con? (The Agatha awards)

7. Where is Edgar Allan Poe buried? (Westminster Graveyard, Baltimore)

8. What was the address of Sherlock Holmes' lodgings in London? (221B Baker Street)

9. Who is the author of the series featuring hard-luck thief John Dortmunder? (Donald Westlake)

10. Who is the co-author of Rita Mae Brown's mysteries? (A cat named Sneaky Pie Brown)

11. Who writes the "Death on Demand" series? (Carolyn Hart)

12. What is the name of Amelia Peabody's son? (Walter Peabody Emerson, better known as Ramses)

13. What is the name of Raz Buchanon's pig in the Maggody series? (Marjorie)

14. Who played Perry Mason on TV? (Raymond Burr)

15. What Scotland Yard official assisted Lord Peter Wimsey in his investigations? (Inspector Parker)

16. Who said, "Advice after mistake is like medicine after dead man's funeral." (Charlie Chan)

17. What was the name of Perry Mason's secretary, and who played her part in the TV series? (Della Street, played by Barbara Hale)

18. Name at least three actresses who portrayed Miss Marple in the movies or on TV. (Joan Hickson, Angela Lansbury, Margaret Rutherford, and several others too numerous to mention)

19. Who writes the Maggody series? (Joan Hess)

20. What are the names of Arly Hanks' mother and her mother's best friend? (Ruby Bee Hanks and Estelle Oppers)

21. How many children did Charlie Chan have? (Fourteen)

22. What's the address of Perry Mason's office? (The Brent Building, Suite 904)

23. Where did Nancy Drew live? (River Heights)

24. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in what story? (A Study in Scarlet)

25. What is the name of Charlie Chan's #1 son? (Henry Oswald Lee, known as Lee)

26. What does "Ruby" stand for in Ruby Bee Hanks' name? (Rubella – she was named after the measles)

27. What is Dahlia Buchanon's favorite food? (Twinkies)

28. Who wrote the Myron Bolitar series? (Harlan Coben)

29. Who are the Anthony awards named for? (Anthony Boucher, critic)

30. What was the name of Nancy Drew's boyfriend? (Ned Nickerson)

31. Whose series' titles bear the names of English pubs? (Martha Grimes)

32. Who writes the Caroline Rhodes mysteries? (Mary Welk)

Thanks again to all who entered the contest. I hope you enjoyed it!