Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Gasps from the Garden

Autumn is officially here, and I'm feeling just a little sad about it. Don't get me wrong. I love autumn with its crisp days and cool nights. I love the way the leaves turn golden-orange and deep crimson on the trees lining my block. And I love the pink and lavendar asters that dominate my garden now that even the black-eyed susans are calling it quits. But there's no doubt about it -- I'm going to miss my summer garden.

This year a flock of yellow finches nested in the wisteria bush that dominates two trellises on the north side of our yard. Each morning they'd greet my husband as he filled the bird feeder nestled in the fern bed next to our garage. In the evenings they'd visit the pond for convenient drinks of water.

We had redbirds, too, a momma and daddy cardinal who chose our pussy willow tree for their home. And we had our usual flock of mourning doves, perennial visitors that nest in the thick back garden every year. Three baby rabbits made my life miserable as they gobbled up the spring flowers, but even they were more welcome than this fellow.

This raccoon did his best to escape the trap, but eventually it was off to the forest for him. He'd tried breaking into our house via a screen window and now had to pay the price for his curiosity.

The roses and flocks, the lillies and astible, the hosta and ferns are all turning brown now, and all that's left blooming are the asters and marigolds. Soon it will be time to put out the pumpkins and Halloween lights. Summer is over for another year.

I'm going to miss my garden and all its inhabitants.



  1. Sigh. The summer is indeed nearing an end. If you didn't have such savory aromas coming from your house, you wouldn't have to trap raccoons.

    What a lovely garden!

  2. Savory aromas?? Oh, Beth, you must be kidding! Back when all the kids were at home, I cooked big meals every day. Now it's only Fred and I and our daughter Mary C., and I only cook a big meal when MC says she'll be home for dinner, which is maybe twice a week. For the most part, Fred and I are content with soup and salads and sandwiches. That savory aroma must be Fred's aftershave. :)

  3. My order of new lilies arrived yesterday, but we still have rain. I enjoyed the visit with your garden. I have this little plaque on a bookshelf, it read, "When the world wearies, and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the Garden." Started putting to beds to bed for the winter. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

  4. Gorgeous garden! Mine looked a little sad this myear. I spent too much time on the road. But the fall foliage display will keep me smiling...until I have to clean up all the leaves.

  5. Fun to see your backyard without the snow. I used to love gardening, but no more, we've got far too much land. We grew tomatoes and basil this year and that was it. Still have some tomatoes.

  6. I have to move some of my lillies, Irene, or else move some of the perennials that have gown so much they now dwarf the lillies! Always something to do in the garden.

    Those wee only a few pics, Rosemary. The entire garden is much, much larger. Hope you have time to play in your garden next summer!

    Lots of land can be a problem, Marilyn, because that means too many weeds to pull from the garden. I don't blame you for cutting back.