Monday, February 8, 2010

Say It Ain't Snow, Joe!

Greetings from snowy Chicago! This photo of my city's cloud-covered downtown area appeared on local forecaster Tom Skilling's weather blog the last week in January. Between then and now, nothing's changed around here weather-wise. True, the sun did break through for about an hour on the afternoon of Super Bowl Sunday. Other than that, though, the sky's been a flat wash of gray all of February.

And today it's snowing -- a wet, heavy, heart attack kind of snow that's not forecast to let up until tomorrow morning.

Now, I'm not complaining -- too much. We won't be getting the 30" that fell on parts of Pennsylvania and the East Coast states last week. But it's only 11 AM and already there's 4" of the white stuff on my front steps. Driving to work later today should be fun -- NOT!

Ah, well. I have my books to keep my mind off the snow. On the fiction side, I'm reading AND THE DYING IS EASY, an anthology of short mysteries edited by Joseph Pittman and Annette Riffle. My favorites so far? "Missing, Presumed..." by Dana Stabenow and "Jungle" by John Lantigua. Why? Beautiful use of logic and the English language to convey two great plots.

On the non-fiction side, I'm reading AMERICAN-MADE: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA, When FDR Put the Nation to Work. Historian Nick Taylor presents a fascinating account of the WPA and the men in government who made it work to change millions of lives during the Great Depression. Given our present economic woes, I recommend it as mandatory reading for the President and every single member of Congress.

Hope you all have books as good as these to make your February snow days more bearable!


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