Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free Kindle App for PCs

Amazon has a nifty hand-held ebook reader called the Kindle. More and more, publishers are releasing books not only in print, but also as ebooks, and most of those ebooks are being sold in the Kindle format on Amazon.

For those of us who want to read them yet can’t afford to buy the Kindle reader, here’s a fantastic bit of news:

A FREE downloadable application for Windows PC allows you to read Kindle books on your computer. No Kindle required!

Since ebooks cost way less than print books, now you can buy almost anything you want to read at a greatly discounted price.

You can find and download the application at:

Two of my novels are available in Kindle format at Amazon.

A MERRY LITTLE MURDER is the first in the 'Rhodes to Murder' series.

THE RUNESTONE MURDERS continues the series featuring ER nurse Caroline Rhodes and college professor of historyCarl Atwater.

I also have two shorts stories on Kindle, both at reduced prices.

HICKORY, DICKORY, DOC takes place in the horse country of Maryland, while MURDER MOST POLITIC is set in an unnamed Southern state. Both stories involve murder and mayhem.

THE SCARECROW MURDERS is not yet available in Kindle format, but can be bought at Amazon as a hardcover or trade paperback.

All my books -- in print and ebook format -- are available on Amazon at

Try 'em! You'll like 'em! :)


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