Monday, October 11, 2010

Favre Loses Both a Game and His Halo

So I'm watching Monday Night Football tonight on ESPN and wishing John Madden and Al Michaels were doing the commentating instead of Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden. Mike Tirico is good at play-by-play; he knows the game and he's fair. And I can live with Jon Gruden. He's not Madden for sure, but he's not bad either. But Jaworski drives me nuts with his gushing commentary and his know-it-all attitude.

Tonight was the worst. If Jaworski could have climbed out of the booth, gotten down on his knees, and kissed Brett Favre's feet, he would have done it. I mean, the man practically crowned Favre "King of the Universe".

Don't get me wrong. Favre was once the best quarterback in the game. And yes, he broke the record for touchdown passes and yards passed tonight.

But he also broke the record for most fumbles ever in the NFL.

Yes, folks. The "King" isn't perfect. Not only did he fumble the ball twice tonight, but he also threw an interception that sealed the win for the Jets. Mr. "Maybe-I'll-retire-maybe-I'll-play" Favre lost the game -- again.

Meanwhile, Jets winning quarterback Mark Sanchez rated hardly a word of praise from the talking heads of ESPN, even though his passing percentage was better than Favre's, he never fumbled the ball or threw an interception, and he moved his team downfield for one touchdown and five field goals. Nick Folk was treated equally badly by Jaworski and company, even though he kicked those five -- count 'em, folks: five! -- field goals.

So what gives here? How is it that loser Favre gets more attention than winner Sanchez? And why should I care if Jaworski gushes like a broken water fountain over his idol, Brett Favre?

Maybe it's because I love the game of football when it's played well, and I hate the bait-and-switch tactics of a quarterback who left the game at the right time, when he was still respected as one of the best in the business, but couldn't stay retired. Favre's ego got in the way of his common sense, and now his team is paying the price.

Favre's playing injured on the field. Off the field, he's just playing.

On the field, he's getting sacked. Off the field, he's trying to get sacked.

And now his off-field shenanigans have caught up with him. It seems the All-American Boy is just another dirty old man who can't keep his jeans zipped up. (Don't look now, kids, but you've lost another role model.)

And maybe that's why Jaworski's drooling hero worship bit didn't go over well with me tonight. Favre is nobody's hero. What he does best is throw a ball, and for that he's paid very, very handsomely. What he does worst is live up to his marriage vows, and for that he very well might pay handsomely.

First it was Tiger Woods. Now it's Brett Favre. Again, it's that old celebrity ego thing that says 'I'm so above everyone else, I can get away with anything'.

Sorry, Brett, but it's over. Try as he may, even Ron Jaworski can't rub the tarnish off you.

At least, not for this football fan.



  1. Now you understand why a lot of Packer fans were glad he was gone. We went through the will he or won't he be back for at least six or seven years. He's just got to be the center of attention.

    The off the field stuff isn't new either. He toned it down some when he got straight, but too many people saw him do too many things for this to be surprising.

    His wife has been putting up with it for years. She seems intelligent. I just don't understand her.

  2. Wow! I didn't know all that about Favre, but I can easily believe what you say about him. Isn't it too bad that these well-paid guys mess up so often? You'd think they'd be grateful for their jobs and all the money they make.

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