Monday, April 15, 2013

Self-Editing Tips and the Craft of Writing


What every writer needs to do before submitting a manuscript to an agent or editor.


What every writer thinks when hearing the word "self-editing".

Is self-editing really so scary? Not if you look at the word as a simple memory jogging acronym.

S—Sentence Structure
E—Eliminating Errors: Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, POV
D—Dialogue and Description
I—Internal and External Conflict
T—Typos, Tired Words, and Tense Changes
I—Inaccurate Facts and Inconsistencies
N—Narrative and Backstory

Okay. I agree it's a longggg acronym, so you may have difficulty remembering the chore associated with each letter. But if you print this blog post and tack it up on your bulletin board, you'll have a handy reference of what to look for when you start editing and revising your work. 

In the weeks to come, I'll discuss the various points included in this acronym here at Cicero's Children. I hope you'll join in the conversation with your own observations, questions, and tips on self-editing. 

After all, there's nothing writers treasure more than talking with and learning from other writers. :)



  1. I think self-editing is one of the most difficult things a writer has to do, so thanks for all your tips, Mary.

  2. Glad you all enjoyed the post. I created this acronym for self-editing my own writing, and I also use it when I edit other people's work. Figured I should share it with other writers who might want to use it.