Thursday, September 5, 2013


It's September, and that means the dog days of summer are coming to a close and school is back in session. 

It also means that Harlequin/Worldwide has released the third book in my Rhodes to Murder mystery series, and I'm ready to give away some FREE copies! 

Here's the front cover and the back cover blurb from Harlequin's mass market paperback edition of TO KILL A KING:

A Summer to Die For…

After receiving a desperate plea for help from her best friend, Molly O'Neal, Caroline Rhodes takes a leave of absence from her nursing duties at St. Anne's Hospital. She heads back to Chicago to work with her friend as an E.R. nurse at a medical center that is overcrowded, understaffed and under renovation. Caroline came prepared for tough shifts, but the reality is much worse—it's murder.

When the first victim is found, Molly becomes the prime suspect, and Caroline knows she has to find the truth. But as a Chicago heat wave hits, the list of suspects—and victims—rises with the temperature, and Caroline starts to sweat. Because a killer thinks the perfect place for her to cool down permanently…is the morgue.

TO KILL A KING is also available from Amazon in trade paperback format and as a Kindle e-book, and from B&N as a Nook e-book.

Here's the front cover and the back cover blurb from those editions:

When Caroline Rhodes agrees to return to Ascension Medical Center for the summer, she has no idea she'll be walking into an Emergency Room marked for murder. But two days after her arrival a female employee is found dead, smothered with a lavender silk pillow.

Caroline's persistent questions concerning the murder earn her a warning from ER doc Chan Daley. "As me sainted mother used to say," quips the doctor, "man who stands beneath tail of elephant must prepare for much dung to drop on head." But Caroline is willing to risk the fallout when a second death results in the arrest of the ER's nurse manager. Determined to clear her best friend of a charge of murder, Caroline forms a strange three-way pact with an aging Mafia boss and the administrator of Ascension Medical Center.

As if murder isn't enough, Caroline must investigate charges of sexual harassment against a doctor, while also coping with a heat wave that sends residents of suburban Niles, Illinois flocking to the hospital for relief. The last thing Caroline and the ER needs is the arrival of an irate cab driver with a dead passenger, a litter of hungry puppies, and a plastic shopping bag full of dead fish. Add to that a medical resident who can't stay on his feet and you're looking at the kind of problems that send most people scurrying for cover.

But not Caroline Rhodes. Aided by her friends from the little town of Rhineburg, Illinois, the veteran ER nurse proves once again that attention to detail is the key to solving any crime.

I have several dozen copies of the mass market paperback edition of TO KILL A KING that I'll give away FREE to anyone who contacts me at . There's a catch to this giveaway, though. 

1. It's first come, first served until I run out of books.

2. If you enjoy the mystery, I request that you leave a brief comment under "Customer Reviews" on the book's Amazon page: 

As you'll notice, this page displays the trade paperback and e-book edition of TO KILL A KING with the blue cover. It is the exact same book--same words, same story--as the Harlequin mass market edition that you'll receive. Only the covers are different.

Soooo...if you're agreeable to my request, send your name and address to me at (please don't forget the "v" in the address) and I'll send you a copy ASAP.  

And if you're interested in purchasing the Harlequin edition of  TO KILL A KING for a friend or relative, please go to: