Monday, August 4, 2014

Review of Murder at Cold Creek College

Murder at Cold Creek College
by Christa Nardi
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Sheridan Hendley is a psychologist and assistant professor at Cold Creek College in Virginia. The fall semester is about to begin, and Sheridan is preoccupied with uploading material for her two classes and an honors seminar she'll be teaching. The last thing she needs is to be pulled away from her computer to babysit a State Police officer. But fellow psychology professor Adam Millberg has been found dead in the college's rec center, and department head Jim Grant has assigned Sheridan the job of escorting Detective McMann as he interviews Millberg's colleagues. 

It soon becomes obvious that the thrice-divorced Millberg was quite the ladies' man. Sheridan's best friend at Cold Creek, psychologist Kim Pennzel, was his most recent conquest in the department, but apparently Adam was dating at least one younger female student at the same time. Complicating matters even further, it turns out that one of his ex-wives is also working at the college.

Ever curious, Sheridan decides to do a little sleuthing on her own when Kim becomes the prime suspect in Millberg's murder. Her snooping leads to trouble, though, in the form of slashed tires on her car. Detective McMann cautions her to stay out of it, but even though Sheridan is rapidly falling for the good looking cop and doesn't want to make an enemy of him, she persists in asking questions of those who knew Millberg best. 

What she discovers may help catch a murderer -- or, if she's not careful, it may just lead to her own death. Only time will tell.

Christa Nardi is the pen name of a real-life psychologist and college professor whose favorite genres are romance and mystery. An avid reader, Nardi prefers cozy mysteries to grittier crime stories. MURDER AT COLD CREEK COLLEGE is her first novel and features the essential elements found in both romantic and cozy mystery fiction. It's a fast read that explores the sometimes tangled relationships that exist in academia.

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