Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Changes to Cicero's Children

For several years now I've blogged about books, writing, editing, and just about any other subject that's drawn and held my attention. I've hosted blogs by fellow writers, interviewed authors of new releases, and posted book reviews of mysteries I've read and enjoyed. I've also answered medical questions sent to me by other writers and explained procedures performed in the ER and by paramedics. My goal was to provide interesting reading material for both writers and readers of mystery fiction while also promoting my own mystery novels and short stories.

Well, February will usher in a change for me and for Cicero's Children. Much of what I've done here in the past will be discontinued as I work on two things: writing the best books I can, and editing other people's work in the best way I can.

Let's face it: Time is a precious commodity. If we're to spend what time we have in our lives in the most fulfilling way possible, we have to limit the extras that tend to draw us away from our main objectives. 

And my main objectives are to spend more quality time with my husband and family while continuing to pursue my love of writing and editing. In order to do that, I have to cut back on time consuming activities that bring me little pleasure and profit neither my personal life nor my writing life.

The first thing I'm cutting back on is my effort to follow the advice of the publishing world gurus who demand that I "build a platform" on social media. I post to Facebook when I have something to say or something to add to someone else's conversation, and I also occasionally post a tweet on Twitter. Have I met a lot of nice people on these two sites? Definitely. Have I advanced my writing goals through the use of FB and Twitter? Maybe yes, maybe no. It's hard to say who's buying your book and why they're buying it when you look at your royalty statements. Will I continue to use these sites? Sure I will, just not as often or as extensively as in the past.

There's one thing I know about social media: when it comes to mystery, there are way too many weekly and daily blogs out there competing for the same readership. So in an effort to use my time wisely, I'm converting Cicero's Children to a monthly newsletter-type blog where I can stay connected with those who have enjoyed my posts in the past while hopefully also attracting a new audience to my books.

Later this week I'll be going to Love Is Murder, the annual mystery writers' and readers' con here in Chicago. When I'm home and settled back in again, I'll report on the con and on what's happening with my Rhodes to Murder series since Echelon Press more or less ceased publishing. I'll also let you in on the new series I have in the works, along with news concerning my short stories. 

Until then, spend your time wisely and enjoy life!


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