Saturday, April 11, 2015

April Showers...

Boy, am I glad March is over! It came in like a lion and more or less went out like one, too. We finally seem to be done with winter's snow, though, and while we've experienced a few good rain storms since the calendar turned to April, the lion appears to be asleep, giving way to milder days and daffodils in the garden.

March was a busy month for me what with three editing jobs on the schedule plus a good bit of work done on finding a new home for the 2016 edition of Love is Murder. After a considerable amount of research and leg work, the hotel search team (of which I'm a member) found the perfect place for next year's conference. We'll be holding it at the Embassy Suites in Rosemont, IL on March 11-13, 2016. The hotel is gorgeous and offers all the amenities you could want, including complimentary hot breakfasts and free unlimited evening cocktails for anyone attending the conference who books a room at the hotel. More information about the conference and the Embassy Suites will be available soon at

April got off to a good start with our family gathering for Easter dinner at our house. The grandkids are older now, and it really showed when I brought out the desserts and the Easter candy -- a lot less of it was eaten by my weight-conscious teenage grandkids. But everyone enjoyed themselves, and to be honest, I didn't mind one bit having a leftover box of chocolate covered marshmallow eggs to munch on the rest of the week. :)

The day after Easter I watched the NCAA basketball championship game between Wisconsin and Duke. The Wisconsin-Kentucky Final Four game was a nailbiter, but even that was outranked by the championship game. Those Duke freshmen were amazing. Looks like Duke will be in the hunt for the title for several years to come. 

Now it's time to turn to horse racing and the Run for the Roses three weeks from today. I'm rooting for Dortmund, the big fellow shown in this picture. He's won all six of his races and looks like one of the favorites to take the Kentucky Derby. I'm not only rooting for him because he's obviously got talent, but also because of his name. The name Dortmund makes me think of John Dortmunder, the bad luck crook featured in over a dozen comic mysteries written by Donald Westlake. I've read them all and absolutely love poor old Dortmunder and his bumbling gang of thieves. I only wish Westlake was still around to give us more stories featuring this criminal mastermind whose plans always seem to go awry. If you've never read the Dortmunder mysteries, run right over to your public library and grab a copy. I guarantee you'll enjoy it. In fact, you might enjoy it enough that you'll end up like me -- rooting for John Dortmunder's namesake, Dortmund, to win the Kentucky Derby in May.

Until then, have a great April. Enjoy the better weather and the spring flowers and all the good things life offers you. 

And to my fellow lovers of mystery and mayhem, remember what the sign says: