Monday, June 1, 2015

June is Bustin' Out All Over!

It's June, and that means graduation time! This year two of my granddaughters are graduating from eighth grade. Sitting with my daughter Jen -- their aunt -- are Ashley (center) and Cinnamon (right). Thank goodness, their schools scheduled graduation on different days, so hubby and I will be attending both events together. A coin toss would have been in order if they'd fallen on the same day. :) 

And then there's my grandson Christian, seen here at the golf course with his uncle Matt (L) and his dad John (R), who's graduating from kindergarten this month. Now comes "the big school" for him. :)

June is also a month of birthdays in the family. Granddaughter Cinnamon turns 14 on the 13th, and my son-in-law Carlos turns 30 on the 6th.  This is a picture of Carlos playing with his bandmates at Durty Nellie's earlier this year. My daughter-in-law Jennifer is celebrating a B-day later in the month. This picture of her was taken during her trip to VietNam last fall.
Last but not least, my son-in-law Jay will climb another step on the birthday ladder in mid-June. This is a picture of Jay with my daughter Jen, their two dogs, and their sons Dan (L with Mahi) and Zach (R with Bonita). 

In other news, June is shaping up to be a good month for me in the book department. Having regained all rights to my first two books, including rights to the covers, I'm happy to say that A Merry Little Murder, the first book in the "Rhodes to Murder" series, is available again in Ebook format on Amazon, and will soon be available for Nook owners and fans of Kobo and other reading devices as well. I hope to have The Rune Stone Murders, number two in the series, up on all book selling sites in July. If you're a Kindle fan and are interested in reading A Merry Little Murder -- or any of my other books or short stories -- please visit 

That's about it for now. Hope you have a fun-filled month of June with plenty of time for reading. And don't forget...