The Writer's ER Editing Service

A former small press editor now working freelance with private clients, Mary V. Welk has helped authors of all ages and levels of skill improve their manuscripts through careful attention to detail. As a published author of four novels, two novellas, and numerous short stories and magazine articles, Mary has experienced the editing process firsthand and can relate to writers who require help but do not want to lose their unique voice and writing style in the process.

Mary offers the following services:

Proofreading:  This service is designed for authors whose manuscripts have gone through the revision stage, are ready for publication, and only require a final reading to check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors; misused words; typos; and indentation issues.

The current rate for this service is U.S.$1.00/page using the industry standard of 250 words/page. For Proofreading, payment is due upon completion of the project.

Developmental Editing:  This service includes everything mentioned under "Proofreading", plus an in-depth evaluation of plot organization; character development; descriptive narrative; pacing; internal and external conflict; dialogue, point of view; overused and weak words; show vs. tell; descriptive inconsistencies; active vs. passive verbs; use of backstory; and clarity and believability of the storyline. All comments and suggestions for change or improvement will be sent to the author in the form of chapter-by-chapter critique notes.

The current rate for this service is U.S.$2.50/page using the industry standard of 250 words/page. 

In regards to developmental editing, Mary will send you chapter-by-chapter critique notes of your first three chapters prior to any commitment on your part. If you are satisfied with the critique and decide to hire Mary for this service, you are asked to submit 1/2 of the total cost before further edits are made. Payment of the second half of the total cost is due upon completion of the project.

To estimate your cost for either service, divide the total number of words in your manuscript by 250, then multiply by the rate listed for the service. 

Please submit your manuscript electronically as an attached Word document in the standard double spaced format using 12-point Times New Roman or Courier as your font.

For questions, or to submit a manuscript, please contact Mary at maryvwelk@gmail.com

"When Mary Welk edited my book, I was happily surprised by the depth of the edit and her careful attention to detail. I've had a few editors, and I especially appreciated how confident Mary's edit left me feeling about the release of my book. There is nothing worse for a writer than having doubts about your editor; it quadruples the natural anxiety about what the critics might say. With her wonderful eye and great personality, not only did I have a book to be proud of, but I also had a great time getting there."
J. R. Turner, author of DDF: Dead Friends Forever

"Mary Welk was the first editor I worked with, and I had a wonderful experience. She expertly guided me through the process while remaining warm and friendly, and I truly appreciated her suggestions concerning detail of plot and character. My books greatly improved through her guidance."
Kieryn Nicolas, author of  Rain and Flawless Ruins

"With an ear for cadence and an eye for plot construction, Mary knows what works to bring out the best in a writer. You get more than just an editor with a red pencil. Mary is a retired ER nurse, so she knows when I have used medical terms, procedures, or causes of death incorrectly. She's also a great resource when I have a medical or forensics question. "
        S. D. Tooley, author of Vaporizer (the Chase Dagger series and Destiny Kills (the Sam Casey series)

"Mary's editing is professional and thorough and I recommend her services."
L. J.  Sellers, author of the Detective Jackson Mysteries

"Mary Welk's ability goes beyond catching the missed end quote or inconsistent indents which are important but not critical to the story. While she works on your manuscript, she develops an intuitive sense of your style and voice, and is able to spot and flag what you meant to say and not what you said. She is easy to work with, and her suggestions have always been spot on."
Luisa Buehler, author of the Grace Marsden Mystery Series

"While transitioning from writing cozy mysteries to writing middle grade mysteries, I turned to Mary to make sure my word choices met my intended audience. Spotting inconsistencies and ‘coaching’ rather than ‘fixing’ is Mary’s forte. Beyond technical elements, Mary edits for logic, rhythm, and character clarity to help shape the flavor of the manuscript."
     Beth Solheim, author of the Sadie Witt Mystery Series and The Mortuary on Oink Joint Road

"Mary Welk gave my manuscript just the critical eye it needed. She found inconsistencies that both I and a previous editor had missed. Her ability to understand my voice and offer invaluable suggestions only made my story stronger. She knows how to give you critical feedback without criticizing your work. Mary is a pleasure to work with and provides wonderful support."
     Sue Myers, author of the Claire O'Shaunessy Mystery Series